PJ Mask, Christmas Decorations

Here we have a gift I made for Christmas. Of course you can use it for any Holidays of occasions. Remember to be crafty and inventive and come up with more designs depending on the event or preferences you have. As always for kids, the best inspirations it’s the heroes from the cartoons they love watching. You will keep them happy very easy.

A short list of what you would need for this creation:

– Three PJ Mask Toys ( characters ), but you can pick any theme you want.
– Two LED candles or anything similar depending on your design or preferences.
– Polystyrene about 1.5 centimeters thick.
– A cutter to cut the shapes or a hot wire cutting machine.
– White glue.
– Texture paste ( check the blog post about the Texture Paste ).
– Sparkling fommy material.
– Polystyrene glue.
– Some toothpicks.
– Glitter of colors to match your design ( blue, green and red for this project ).

Be inventive and create your own designs using the same method.

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