PJ Mask, Christmas Decorations

Here we have a gift I made for Christmas. Of course you can use it for any Holidays of occasions. Remember to be crafty and inventive and come up with more designs depending on the event or preferences you have. As always for kids, the best inspirations it’s the heroes from the cartoons they love watching. You will keep them happy very easy. A short list of what you would need for this creation: … Read More

Make Your Own Texture Paste at Home

A short video explaining you how to make texture paste at home really easy and fast. Used for your hand made and home made creations. Take note of this, as you will find it really useful and helpful in many of your DIY crafts creations at home. I personally use it a lot and I’m really happy about the results I get. Here is what you will need for the composition: – 15 grams … Read More

Face Painting For Kids

Simple face painting for your kids. Works great for parties and special holidays or why not every single day. The video it’s fast forwarded a lot as it took me about 20 min to finish the entire drawing. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment. You don’t have to do this specific drawing only. Try to be inventive and come up with more designs depending on your child preferences. … Read More

A Simple Alternative of the Bubble Machine

If you are a mom spending some fun time with your little ones, and you are not really technical to build a homemade bubble machine, here is a really simple and easy to build alternative. I tried to make it a simple as possible, using regular kids supplies that you may have around the house. The entire built should take no more than 30 min. It’s really simple to built and use and it … Read More